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Serving the Federal Bar and
our Community 

Thank you to our inaugural supporters!

Patron Supporters 
Gil Cabrera * Elizabeth Balfour * David Finn * Paul Fraidenburgh *
Steve Geise * 
Joseph Leventhal * Hon. Barbara L. Major  

Michael Attanasio * Hugh Kim * Katherine Parker * Jeffery Stasell * Jonah Toleno
Carole Buckner - Alexander Carroll - Andrew Haden - Melissa Holmes - Mathew Luoto

- Jocelyn Maggard - Rupa Singh  


Improving the Federal Bar and our Community 

Young Businesswoman
Statue of Justice on Desk

Community Service and Philanthropy 

The San Diego Federal Bar Foundation is the only Foundation dedicated to promoting community service and philanthropy by the federal practitioner to make our federal bar and community a better place.   Our signature fundraising event is the San Diego Federal Bar Charity Golf Tournament with the proceeds benefits worthy causes.

Supporting the Next Generation of Federal Practitioner

One of our goals is to support the next generation of federal practitioner and ensure that the future of our legal community is in good hands.   The Foundation is working to provide financial assistance to law students to allow them to seek meaningful internship and clerkships in the federal practice. 

Working for Justice for All

One of our main causes at the San Diego Federal Bar Foundation is working to support justice for all.  The Foundation will work with local non-profits and other stakeholders that serve those impacted by the federal legal system in order to provide support and access to justice. 

Business Meeting

“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals.” 

Jean Vanier

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